Hey everyone, it’s so good to see you again. This topic is one of my favourites. And how I viewed it has changed considerably over the versions of me that I have been.

So HOW do you experience ASAP what it is that you set out to desire. Because it is seriously easy. I’m going to speak linear time here, even though we live in simultaneous time. And by the way that is one of the tricks that speeds up your manifestation; KNOWING that you’re not dependent on linear time and feeling the freedom of simultaneous time and stepping into the future self now.

Ok, so. An example. The linear time it took for me to get myself to New Zealand was about 4 months, after my internal decision. I had had the wish before, in 2o21 and it was when I started working on getting there, but I was very aware of not being there which is trap number one.

If you feel separated from your desire, it will take you longer to experience it, because in truth you are not separated it is already a reality. I had an epiphany one day while walking down the street of Berlin. I said to myself, HEY, I could have just as well be in New Zealand now! And I started pretending walking through the streets of Auckland and Wellington.

And now, it’s a fact and I’m daily not only walking through the streets of Auckland, I’m also staring mesmerisingly into the ocean what I have done many times in my imagination, breathing in the amazing sea air.

Another thing to speed up your manifestation is emptying yourself of nonsense. This will be a post and a video probably in and of itself because there is much to unpack here, but this one comes down to trusting that you don’t have to do so much and that it’s actually about erasing the old person that you have been and filling in with the new version of you.

One of my teaches has taught me to affirm: I uncreate and delete everything that is [YOUR NAME]… and what happens is that everything that is NOT truly you will fall away and everything THAT IS you will be filled into that space.

Here it is vital that you TRUST that you can’t erase any good things, and be mindful of what you tell yourself here though because as you know by now we create everything that we think, feel and believe.

And that my loves, is another hint in the direction of living your best life.

My manifestations are pretty instant here and I love it so much. And it is all because I understand what it takes to allow them. And everything that I have been sharing up until now, is exactly what I practice too and what works.

If you’d like to up your game a level then integrate this meditation into your morning routine. I pulled the perfect people into my life through this meditation and I’m nowhere near done with this yet.

Sending you much love and wishing you a wonderful and amazing day.

With so much love,


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