It’s innate to most of us spirits in human bodies that only when ‘BIG’ things happen like  winning the lottery, or a trip to the other side of the world that we judge it as magic. But what if you start opening your eyes to all the magic that surrounds you every day. An I don’t mean the sun rising, because while it definitely is magic too, it is also something that we expect.

Let me explain with an example, and before I go into the example the reason behind this sharing is that you start to realise that everything comes through you in cooperation with all that is you; You have a thought  [1.], your inner self delivers the best outcome based on the nature of the thought. I will get into this a bit more at the end of the story.

“The world is filled with obvious things that nobody seems to notice….”

I made a deal with myself, I’m unto creating other and bigger stuff. And for that to materialise in this current life experience [2.] I have to step into a different version of myself. And to get there I do things that she’s doing, that are uncomfortable for my current version, and easy for her [3.]. 

The alarm went at 5.45 and I got up to check the sunrise. I jumped out of bed  so that I wouldn’t be tempted to lay in. I put on multiple layers, packed my bag with a blanket, headphones, a diary, a pen and off I went.

It was very windy today and I felt great about myself as I made my way down to Mairangi Bay. It was very quiet in the street that leads down to the bay. Except for a man with a cute white doggie with one eye, there was nobody out. 

I had planned to walk alongside the cliff to Murrays Bay, but the tide was high and the waves were reaching over the pathway that leads from Mairangi to Murrays Bay, so I decided to stay on this side. 

I layed out the blanket and settled myself on the wooden bench overlooking the South Pacific, I took off my shoes so I could sit comfortable in Sukhasana. The ocean was rough today and I thought about the dip that I still have to do sometime today, another thing that she already does no matter the weather…brrrr she’s a strong cookie, I thought to myself.

But. And…. First things first: Magical meditation time. I put on my headphones and turned on my go to creation meditation. Before I sunk in, which happened pretty quickly and very deeply, I had the realisation that I was doing exactly this meditation to create me being here in New Zealand back when I was still in Berlin. 

“Holy wow, you know what this means”, I said to myself, “The next time I use this meditation I have created the thing that I’m consciously creating right now, and I will be working on the next thing on my desire list.” 

I got chills all over my body as soon as I had this and off I went into the void from where all is created. It had started raining softly and to my surprise I didn’t mind it. The guided meditation was finished and I still had my eyes closed. I sat comfortably in and with myself and I thought about if I wanted to have a coffee or not. I judged it to be not so smart, because I didn’t want to create a habit where my body would expect to have a coffee every day this early. Then I realised what I was doing: judging myself for wanting something. And I decided that I would see as soon as I got up and leave it up to the very moment I would pass the coffee shop.

The following thing that happened is what prompted me to write this post. I opened my eyes because the rain was starting to pick up, and looked at a woman that had just gotten into her white car with her cute little black poodle looking dog. I rolled up my blanket, put it in my bag and walked from the bench to the side walk across the road. The lady stopped next to me in her car and asked me if I was alright. “Oh yes I sure am”, I answered, “I don’t really mind the rain that much but ehm are you heading up by any chance?” “Oh yes get in!”

The decision had been made. There wouldn’t be any coffee now, but later that day. Everything that happens at any moment, is a creation that comes from us. This effortless creation and easy decision of not going for the coffee now was because I was ok with whatever, I was in the proverbial middle, from where I can create either way easily. I didn’t judge myself for thinking about the coffee now, well at first I did, but I changed my tune. And the changing of my tune had allowed this effortless creation to come in.

And also note, I didn’t go up to the lady to ask her for a ride, she stopped her beside me, her car window was open and she started talking to me. 

Now into the notes.

1. A thought is a wish, it’s a command. With a thought you tell the part of you that materialises thoughts into experiences or things, what you want it to create. The Inner Self will not discriminate what is beneficial and what is not. That is the task of the body. The body will let you know if the thought you’re having will lead to a happy and wanted creation, or an unwanted one. Don’t worry, it’s not that you have a negative thought and it will materialise. In order for anything to materialise you have to have a vibe in place, and a vibe is created when you have repeating thoughts and feelings.

2. We live in a multiverse, in short this means that there are multiple probable versions of me living out different realities like is portrayed in small in the old movie ‘Sliding Doors’ and the more recent movie ‘Look Both Ways’. At any time we can choose to live out a trajectory of any version of us. This means that any desire you have, is being lived now by a future self and you can have this be your actual life experience.

3. This ties in with the previous note: “ Note 2. that explains about a bit more about the multiverse”. The future version of myself that is experiencing the things that I’m consciously creating now is a gutsier version of me, she is doing things that expand her, she is comfortable with things that are challenges for my current self. How do I know? It is something that I always knew and created proof for when I wanted to quit my job way back then, and was very fearful of doing. While I didn’t know then that this is what is meant by quantum jumping, I leaped from the current version into the version of me that was living her best life and I did so at the time in Australia with my then partner and wonderful new friends and ‘family’.  How do I know what is her behaviour? It is an innate knowing, but as a rule of thumb it is always things that are difficult but doable for the current me; Going into the ice cold ocean daily is uncomfortable on many levels and  it is doable. Another example is: Getting up super early to walk down to the South Pacific in pretty cold and windy weather is difficult and it I doable. What wouldn’t be doable would be something like going out for a surf, because I don’t have the skills yet. It is something that she does though. How do I know? Because I can feel it in my heart.

There is much more to unpack in these notes and many blog posts that I have already written on this website go into this topic, so go ahead and browse around. As I will write much more on this in the future posts, check back regularly or subscribe to my newsletter so you’ll be notified when new posts come out.

Before I leave you, in short how can you use the little magic to create the big? You start to understand the mechanisms of materialisation. Everything exists already, so in actuality it is not creation, it is materialisation. And when you understand how the small things come about, you know how the big things will come about. It has dropped from intellectual knowledge into an understanding within the body, which is what embodiment means.

I trust that this information was helpful for your journey, feel free to share it with someone else that you love dearly.

See you in the next. 

With so much love,


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