Today I got up very early, as is part of my brand new routine and which is still very hard yes. I walked over from Mairingi to Murray’s bay via crows nest to sit on the bench overlooking Murray’s Bays part of the South Pacific.

A lady came running by with her chocolate brown Labrador. The dog stopped to come return and started rolling his back in the sand. “Oh how cute!”,  I thought until I noticed what he was rubbing his back in.

It was a dead bird.  

Oh my …. I had a flashback to the time when I was in my young teens and we still had our dog; ‘Santa’, a German Shorthaired Pointer, with us. She was a hunting dog, very cheeky and very lively. 

Whenever there was something to chase she did, whenever there was something to fetch she did, and whenever there was something beyond life to roll around in she did. 

This particular time she had lathered herself up in dead fish and afterwards she apparently ate it, which I later discovered when she puked all of it into the tiny hallway of the house where I grew up. 

I can still smell the awful odour, it’s etched into my neural and nasal pathways…

Je Sus.

Ok, back to the cute Labrador. He had been hugging the dead bird for quite a while when all of a sudden he jolted and realised his buddy wasn’t there. He ran back to the point where he last saw her and then it happened.

He didn’t see her,  I’m guessing but I don’t believe this is the first time they did this run together, and he panicked moving his body frantically in all directions on the spot.

I got off of my bench and tried to guide him into the right direction by reaching out to catch his baby blue collar, but he was too quick and too panicky and off he ran into the wrong direction.

Oh boy. 

Inspired by this situation I started to write the first part of this story when I walked into the lost lady who apparently had noticed something was missing and had returned.   I told her what had happened and where I guessed he was at now. She shook her head, thanked me and walked on to find him.

If the dog had just continued into the direction he was inspired to go into at first, he would have found her.

But …. the panic informed him wrong and he literally chose the wrong path. 

He lost her because he got distracted by the K9 equivalent of a shiny object. And  while there’s nothing wrong with that, life happens and sometimes you just need to roll around in that dead smelling all kinds of yummy thing there on the sand to continue all refreshed and blinged up afterwards….

When you start to lose your cool after your little outing and judge yourself for getting off course, you will find your way back at one point but you get there sooner when you calm yourself and be gentle with you. Trust and follow the path you were intuitively drawn into in the first place, even if you can’t see the thing / the person you are working towards. 

You’ll be more than fine. There is no wrong way anyway ever, only some detours, shiny things and dead birds here and there.

Before I leave you, you might wonder; Did Choco and his lady get reunited? I actually believe they did. Because I believe in happy endings.

Wishing you a lovely rest of the day. 

With so much love,


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