This is the 3rd post I do on the teachers of Yoga Sanctuary, and I have to because it is just so much fun practicing at YS.

And while there are still some in the making in my head and heart of the wonderful classes I have had in Berlin with a couple of my all-time favourites, it is again time for a New Zealander.

Selina too, has her very distinct own Asana sauce. Anyone that loves practicing Yoga Asana knows that that’s the best in any class.

Whether  you like a class or not, when a teacher has their distinct style of teaching, of weaving a class together, of bringing your body deeper into itself…when they have their own distinct style you know that they are authentically interested in Yoga and what it has to offer for themselves too.

What I adore about Selina’s classes is that they are so much fun ánd challenging, you could say that I have the most fun when being challenged, but that’s not completely true.

I’ve had many challenging classes, I can remember the classes of both of my Yoga TTC’s and these are extremely challenging and not fun at all.

They were very painful, and necessary yes because apparently I was as stiff as a piece of perspex … but this is not the point of this story.

Selina’s classes are a lot of fun, is the point of this story.

She has a way of putting the Asana’s together that make your brain and limbs go into a twist, quite literally and there’s always a lot of balancing involved. Which I personally really need to work on. 

It’s so interesting how Denise, the owner who I’m yet to meet, got together such a wonderful group of teachers that are all so different and together help you become a well rounded Yoga Asana baby.

Selina, thank you so much for your fun classes, for your light hearted and lovely demeanour and your joy.

I feel very lucky to be able to take part in your classes AND experiencing my progress in your sometimes impossible looking but in the end very [close to] doable sequences.

I’m so much looking forward to the next class! No pressure, lol.

With so much love,


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