As you know I started a new series and a Patreon. This is one from the Patreon series. If you’re looking to have a better relationship with your current lover or if you’re creating a new love relationship and you want to do this through the teachings of Seth and Neville Goddard, then join my Patreon where you can be coached either individually or you ask questions in the group.

Let’s get into the first story.

The Hot Guy

Once upon a time, maybe even in a life close to yours, there was this wonderful girl that fell in love with this amazing and hot guy. He was everything she had always dreamed of and he even had some qualities she hadn’t even thought of being possible in her guy.

They had an amazing start, wonderful conversations, family meetings, the sex was through the roof, he took her places, bought her present, it was like a dream, they were so in love.

As time passed something started to change and nobody was really sure what had happened and where it started, especially not her, but she started to get anxious. There were so many women interested in her guy and some of them were so much prettier and way more successful than her.

He tried to reassure her, because luckily they could talk about things like this, but it didn’t help. She couldn’t sleep anymore and only when he was with her, or when he had messaged her she could breathe again.

Which was kind of fine in the beginning, but then this wasn’t enough anymore either and she got to the point where she hardly slept or ate anymore, she didn’t have fun with her friends and when she saw them she couldn’t be present with him.

You can guess what happened eventually, they split up, she was a hot mess for a while, until she was sick and tired of being sick and tired and decided to change. This part of the story will be continued…

The Butterfly

A little girl was playing in a park with a lot of flowers, there were all sorts of colours and smells, shapes and sizes and it was like in a fairy tale.

The girl sat down in the grass and held out her hand in the hope a butterfly would land on her hand. A beautiful black and intense blue butterfly felt the call and landed on the middle of her hand. The girl gasped and was over the moon the butterfly landed on her hand. He allowed her to look at it closer and it looked curious about her too.

It was enjoying the sun on her hand for a while and then started to move as if it was ready to fly away. The little girl actually didn’t want the butterfly to go, it was so beautiful she wanted it to stay with her forever, so she quickly closed her hand and she ran home. She was going to put it in her room and give it beautiful flowers where it could sit on, and she would even make a special little corner where the butterfly could sleep.

Excited she ran into her home, up the stairs and into her room. She closed the door all out of breath, flustered and excited to show the butterfly it’s new home. She smiled at the thought how happy the butterfly would be seeing his new home, and then she opened her hand. What she hadn’t expected, but what all of us already know, the beautiful butterfly didn’t survive the trip.

He was all smooshed up into butterfly butter. And I bet you understand the parallel that I’m drawing here, in case you have missed it; allow your love to be, appreciate it and let it be free.

While these stories are metaphors, there’s always more and a deeper truth to be understood. Allow yourself to go the full depth of any metaphor and have not only the brain, the intellect, but also the cells of your body understand.

With so much love,

See you in the next.


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