You might have heard this before: You don’t get what you want, you get what you are. If you remember anything with regards to Conscious Creation, it is this phrase. What does it mean? And how do you know what you are being?

To answer the first question, what does it mean; when you need something, you are in lack. You are being lack. And what you will get consequently is more lacking. When you are joyful, when you are light, when you are grateful, you will get even more joy, light and things to be grateful for.
To answer the second question: How do you know what you are being? Look at your life.  Do you have lovely friendships? Then you are being a joyful friend. Do you have a wonderful love life? Then you are a wonderful lover.

It sounds too simple hey, and believe me when I tell you it is that simple.
Now we get to the part that I love a lot, which is how can you change your life experience, how can you change what you are being?
You are here, on planet earth, living as a human with a physical body. The whole of your life though, is so much more than what you can see, and most of it is non-physical.

Seth, who wrote books through the late Jane Roberts, explains it like this; Whenever you experience something in physical reality it is after the fact, everything is first created in the spacious present which he calls Framework two.

He also says that everything is freshly created from ment to moment and that you create your reality through your thoughts, your feelings and your beliefs.
Fact is that your thoughts and your feelings produce a vibration in your body, in other words this is called a frequency.
Some examples to clarify this concept; 

-> When you’ve  just heard the funniest joke, and you laughed long and hard you feel al giggly and vibrant. That is a frequency.

-> When you have just had an amazing night with your lover you feel all sensual, satisfied and loved up, which causes your body to vibrate to that frequency.

-> When you’ve just had some painful news you feel sad and heavy and awful, this too is a vibration, a frequency.

At any moment in time we are thinking something, we are feeling something and therefore we are vibrating something. You can not not think or feel, thus you can not not vibrate. The vibration is what determines your your frequency, like the combination of vibrations of different instruments plus a voice creates a tune, a song.
And this frequency, this tune determines what you experience.

How? Like attracts like. Which means that what you experience is an exact match to your frequency, to your vibe. Yes you might experience painful and unhappy things that have this information be confusing, because you had been so happy and you had been vibe-ing so high.

The explanation for these type of experiences depends on the type of experience you’ve had. And before I explain a bit more about this, know that any thing. ANYTHING is always happening FOR you, even if you can’t see it now.

For example if you’ve lost your job it could mean that you are vibe-ing on unworthiness, however it can also mean that you’re simply not a match to that job anymore and something that suits you so much better I’d coming your way, and because you can’t see it yet you might judge it as awful.

When your cat or dog, brother, or mother passed away, this has nothing to do with your vibe. Something or someone that leaves this earthly realm has decided to go themselves. It is the choice of their soul.

They are their own unique being. You and that other being chose this experience together for your own personal growth reasons. The experience is a co-creation.

What can you influence? If an animal or another loved one in your life suffers or not. This ís under the influence of your vibe. 

The last thing I want to say about this is, that you can at any point in your life create a different life experience SIMPLY by changing your frequency, your vibe.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz who wrote the book Psycho Cybernetics likens this to our internal automatic thermometer. Which is the best example I’ve found to date. And if you’re curious about how he describes it, this is a great read: Wiki on Pscyho Cybernetics

Another point of comfort is that nothing happens because it is pre-destined. You’re not at the effect of Karma and you’re certainly not under any spell from any one or any thing. You have free will to create your life how you wish it to be, and you do that through your thoughts, your feelings and your beliefs. Through your vibe. Which determines the frequency that your body sends out into the world.

If what you’ve just read  idea makes your brain go into a knot, don’t worry I’ve been there too, for now just feel into it. And if it makes you feel excited, if you feel relief you know you’re unto something.

With SO much love.

Ps, if you found this helpful send this post through to someone else that you love a lot. See you in the next!

x Monique 

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