Hey everyone,

I trust that you’re having a blast here in this time on planet earth …. sometimes it really helps to look at it like that, because it’s really easy to get caught up in what seems true.

Cultivating Believe, the topic of this post. Believe in what exactly? Well, in that live works differently than you might have thought at first. So you are here, reading this either because you are already in to this ; Thoughts, Feelings and Beliefs create your reality, or, you are slowly waking up to that fact and you found yourself here “coincidentally”.

In both cases there are some practices necessary, since the 3D world has been arranged to look as if it is what is the one and only thing that is real. Which as you know it is not, it is first non – physical = > thought, emotions before it becomes a life experience, a person, a thing or an event or all of the above.

So how do you cultivate this when it all seems so real because there is a time-lag between the feelings and the thoughts you had and what it is that you experience now? Which makes it easy to forget that it was you that created all of this in the first place?

You make a list of things that you are planning to manifest, big and small and you do it daily. Whenever you manifest something you make a note on your list.

I have a list on my telephone, in my notes and I put things on there like: Free Coffee, 23:32 [as in the time that I look at the clock], names that will pop up, money showing up unexpectedly and more things.

Every day a couple of things on the list manifest and some days things manifest of the list of a couple of days ago, which I find even more fun because to me this is the perfect representation of there being no linear time.

If you are like me you need to be reminded of the fact of how reality really works – First there is a thought and an emotion, THEN follows the materialisation, manifestation – on a daily base.

And there is nothing wrong with that, it takes persistence and commitment and the price you will win is complete freedom because you know not only on an intellectual but also on a cellular level that you only need YOU and your imagination, control over your thoughts and emotions and you are home free.

This was it for today my loves.

Send this through to another loved one that can benefit from this, and I see you soon.

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