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I have been thinking about this one often lately, and I will write more about it. Call it tough love, and believe me this is also how I treat myself whenever I find myself going down the path of woe me. I see so many people running around in circles, they get it, they don’t get it, they get it, they don’t get it. And at the same time I see many people finally break free from the victim pattern. This post is for all of y’all that find themselves running around in circles. I have this message for you AND I have this video for you that explains what is actually going on when you feel stuck in a loop.

Understand this about yourself; Every human has a need for belonging and for consistency. And our live happens automatically from the State we are inhabiting. And while you might be the new You at times, when you find yourself reading posts on Reddit endlessly or watching videos time and time again there is one thing going on and that is this: IT SERVES YOU TO FAIL. I hear you thinking, WTF, it doesn’t! I hate it!

And I’m, here to be in your face and tell you no it doesn’t, you’re doing it so it serves you.How does it serve you? Well that is for you to find out but here are some pointers: – You finally found your clique and you love to belong, even if this means not getting your desire.

We have a need to belong as humans….It might be that you feel safe and comfortable being a victim, winners in some versions of reality are attacked and bullied and treated really shitty and you’re afraid to become that and fear that.You might feel like you’re letting You down if you abandon your Old Self. But guess what, the reason that you are drawn to these teachings is because another version of you is leading you there.

So consider this:


– HOW DOES LOSING SERVE OTHERS [friends, family, other Reddit members]? Write it down or type it out, you will find yourself telling the truth as soon as you do so.


Here’s where our Neville chips in: LEAVE THE MIRROR AND CHANGE YOUR FACE.

Oh but how? Yes, here it is again, cold showers in the morning. When you keep doing the same thing, you will be having the same thoughts, and you will be behaving in the same exact way, and you will experience the exact same thing.

Yes you can also do it with daily mediations, but how has that been working out for you?

In my honest and very humble opinion it is way too easy.

Do something that is HARD, make yourself proud, go all out. What do you have to lose? The comfort of a warm shower. That is all. And the last thing you need right now is comfort, you need a wake up call, and I can tell you a cold shower in the morning is a freakin wake up call.

What else it is, is freaking amazing.You will grow in character, you will make yourself so proud, and you will find yourself being able to do other things that you consider to be difficult mentally and physically.You will look much better too, your skin loves it. And that is a very lovely extra isn’t it?

Also start affirming this; I learned this from one of my coaches: Jean Houston -> I can do it, I Understand, I can do it I understand, I can do this and I understand. This affirmation allows you to be on the frequency of understanding.

This is what Einstein meant with: You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created the problem.This is all I have for you today my loves.
If you would like any assistance in changing into the best version of you, you can find me here or here.

Sending you much love and see you in the next


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