Hey my loves,

I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned it in here, but, and, impeccable creation happens from being the lightest version of you, being happy for now reason and putting in the hard work. Yes that last bit isn’t really fun to read. It’s true. We grow from things we find difficult and are usually good for us like; stillness, journaling, meditating, eating nourishing foods.

They are freakin hard at first, and turn easy and automatic later. How is that? Because they make you feel so good, you don’t want to go without them anymore. Yes, that’s how it works for me. Do I never eat crap, oh certainly I do. Do I never miss meditations? Oh sure I do. Do I never miss a Yoga class? Well, to be honest, hardly ever and when I do I really needed it.

Moral of the story, doing the hard thing now is easier in the long run. I talk about cold showers often, and I’m not going to stop talking about them.

Another thing that created a couple of amazing things out of the blue was stillness, getting off of social media. I thought it would be temporary but now I have decided to stay of Instagram longer and perhaps my personal Instagram will be transferred once again into a business one. Let’s see.

Back to the thing I created shortly, a new house to live in. I didn’t need to find a new one, I just had outgrown the one I was in. I wanted to live in a beautiful house and more central. I hadn’t put conscious effort in creating it at all, I had wished it but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay here. And to be honest I also thought, I don’t want to pay more per week. Knowing full well that everything comes from me, and forgetting it too haha.

Guess what, I have the beautiful house, stunning actually. I pay less!! per week, and it is very central and the view is so amazing, green all around. It’s not secluded, because I like to be close to the centre of things. It is absolutely perfect.

Back to the stillness, I did it and it was FREAKIN hard, I’m not going to lie. I had no idea I was so addicted to Insta. Then What’sApp, I was constantly messaging with someone, I quit that too for a couple of weeks, Facebook yes kind of, I wasn’t really on there anyway and when I’m there I check Seth wisdom, so that was ok.

Watch this video to get some more information and inspiration and to listen to me – voice plus text makes for a deeper understanding.

And lastly watch this one ignore the title, or don’t, but watch it.

The last thing that I will mention that I feel I hand’t really explained that well in the video is this; If you are not all in, you are interested in something. And if you go for it, and keep getting up when you fall down you are committed.

Decide for yourself, what it is really that you are wanting. And if you are only interested in the thing, or if you are committed. And when you are committed, it means you you know on some level that it is possible for you to have, and you keep putting in the work. And for me, commitment is a form of self love.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Seth:

“Commitment is dependent upon expectation. He who does not have expectations along certain lines will not commit himself, and will not achieve”

Sending you much love and see you in the next.


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