So actually it doesn’t really work like that, but it also does, yes yes the power is in the paradox.

And yes I will explain. So if you do anything to get something, you are shooting yourself in the foot, because the fact that you are doing it to get something means that you are lacking it, and from lack comes …. Yep lack.

So then how do you get what you want? Without wanting it? Well, by changing yourself into the person that doesn’t want it. Huh.

Yeah I know, and I also know that this isn’t the first time that you have heard this.

Take a walk with me, through the mindscape of this idea. I’ll take myself as an example. At this very moment I am Monique and how I think and behave at this moment will determine the things that are easy for me to have and have come to me effortlessly.

Like the latest example the new home I live in. I had a thought, I asked a person, she asked a person and that person said; I was looking for woman to join [ she now lives with two men ].

I wasn’t really Consciously creating, it was an automatic thing. Was does this mean? I wasn’t scripting, I wasn’t affirming, I wasn’t daydreaming. None of it.

It came effortlessly and automatically. It came from a change that I have made in my inner. It can’t be any different way, things only change in the outer when I change in the inner. And I have done a lot of inner things my friend, lots of them. Why?

THIS is Gold from Seth:

  1. The manipulation of camouflage material depends to a large degree upon the outside ego’s confidence.
  2. The exterior improvements are the result of inner workings, and they represent the growth of inner confidence.

Let me explain:

Whenever you see a change in the outer, being it shinier hair, a different body [one that you wish], more money on your bank account, lovelier people around you, your man taking more initiative, your dog listening better, being able to lift heavier weights, being able to get into a Yoga pose that seemed next to impossible a week ago means THAT YOU HAVE CHANGED.

All that you see is camouflage material, everything that seems material is made up of thought energy. Your confidence has changed for the better and that’s how you can see a change. You manipulate camouflage material with your thoughts, your emotions and your beliefs. Your inner behaviour. Imagine the outside world is clay, and your thoughts, emotions and beliefs are the hands that mould the clay. That is exactly what is going on.

There is no linear time so what happened is this; you are now moving through frames that indicative of the growth you have gone through. Of the change in your inner you have made.

I know that first reading ‘outside ego’ and then reading ‘inner workings’ might trip you up, but …. don’t fret ;-D

Just read what I have written, close your eyes and breathe the truth of it in. Feel the truth in the centre of your body, in your beautiful heart. And whenever your brain goes in a twist say; It doesn’t matter that I don’t understand it now, I will understand it whenever I need to.

Then this one: The exterior improvements are the result of inner workings, and they represent the growth of inner confidence.

An exterior improvement is everything that is a betterment to what it was before, either a conscious wish or a very welcome happening. It didn’t change because the gods have granted you this, it has changed because YOU have changed on the inside. Outer change comes from inner change.

When you react to something on the outside, you are believing in paper dragons, you are believing in shadows and you’re giving your power away. That’s why it is so important that you keep educating yourself and that you change step into the version of you that is the cause of your life as opposed to the version of you that is at the effect of your life. Both are a valid possibility, and it is up to you as to which one you will experience.

I will leave you with this one from Seth; Beliefs are formed in the moment point, so keep it clear and balanced.

See you in the next.

With Love,


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