Hey my loves.

This post is complementary to the post in which I explain how you can change your outer experience, and when you haven’t read it or you don’t remember, it is about how any change in your outer comes from a change of your inner confidence.

The valid question becomes; yes I understand that but how do I change my inner?

Well there are many ideas about this, and even more ideas, I’ll give you the ones that work best for me. And I’ll also give you the arguments why I believe that these are working so well.

As with anything that you read, feel what is true for you and eventually find and create your own way. Because we are all unique expressions of the one, and we all have our own personal preferences and ways based on who we are as a totality and who are being from moment to moment.

So then HOW do you change your inner? Do things, physical things that are doable AND a challenge. In my case this is:

  1. Ashtanga Yoga as often as I can, which at the moment means 4 or 5 days in a row, then a one day break, and then another block of 4 or 5 days, etc. After a couple of weeks of this schedule I might take a break of 4 or 5 days and then I start again with the cycle,
  2. Daily cold showers, no excuses, every single day in the morning, not starting of warm and turning cold, cold from the start. At least for 3 minutes, max 5 minutes,
  3. Intermittent Fasting for 18 to 2o hours daily, with one flexibility day,
  4. Eating mostly alkaline foods ; this came to me from a personal channel for me, which I materialised out of the blue,
  5. I treat myself daily to one or two delicious things in cafe’s that I go to. This is considered frivolous for most people, for me eating and drinking daily in my favourite cafe makes me feel abundant, happy and special.

The most interesting and noticeable things that have changed are; The house I live in, the connection with my special person, the physical things I’m able to do in my Ashtanga Yoga practice, the amount of money flowing into my life, my dreams.

When you are on it and it seems nothing is changing, it doesn’t mean it isn’t working. It actually can never not work, change is a constant, there is always change and expansion. You first have to feel it, and feel it on a continues base, you create “bulk” first in a certain feeling direction before it can materialise. So even when it seems everything is standing still, believe me I have been there many times, just keep at it. Find a strong enough WHY for why you are going on with it. There will be times that you want to give in and starting eating crappy again, taking warm showers again, not train, whatever it is.

The question is; “Are you committed, or are you just interested?”

This is some advice from Seth:

“You must look within yourself for evidences of what you want in terms of positive experience. Examine your past with that in mind. Imagine your future from the power point of the present.“In such a way at least you are not using the past to reinforce your limitations, or projecting them into the future. It is only natural to contrast what you want with what you HAVE, and it is very easy to become discouraged in so doing, but looking for errors in the past will not help you.

“A correctly utilized five-minute period of time can be of great benefit, however. In this period concentrate upon the fact that the point of power IS now. Feel and dwell upon the certainty that your emotional, spiritual and psychic abilities are focused through the flesh, and for five minutes only direct all of your attention toward what you want. Use visualization or verbal thought—whatever comes most naturally to you; but for that period do not concentrate upon any lacks, just upon your desire.

“Use all of your energy and attention. THEN forget about it. Do not check to see how well it is working. Simply make sure that in that period your intentions are clear. Then in one way or another, according to your own individual situation, make one physical gesture or act that is in line with your belief or desire. Behave physically, then, at least once a day in a way that shows that you have faith in what you are doing.

“The act can be a very simple one. If you are lonely and feel unwanted, it can merely involve your smiling at someone else. If you are poor, it can involve such a simple thing as buying an item you want that costs two cents more than the one you would usually buy—acting on the faith, even that feebly, that the two cents will somehow be given you or come into your experience; but acting AS IF you had more than you do.

“In health terms, it involves conducting yourself once a day as though you were not sick in whatever way given you. But the belief in the present, reinforced for five minutes, plus such a physical action, will sometimes bring literally awesome results.”


I’ll add what you can do when it comes to love, if you are creating an even more wonderful relationship with this man or woman, you send them a lovely message from the pureness of your heart without expecting a reciprocation. You can send that in real time, or you do it in Imagination. Both will arrive, since both come from the same source.

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