Hey lovely being, this post is based on an amazing video of Bashar that made everything crystal clear to me. How it is that I can be very strongly in the new version of me and all of a sudden fall out of it……Bashar explains it very clearly. Watch a couple of times and read the transcription.

The summary of it all, our language, what we say and how we act is based on so many unnecessary and inaccurate beliefs. And now that you know better, after seeing this video, you can do and be better = more of who you truly are.

My experience, watch it multiple times, you will hear something more as your understanding of this concept deepens.



THAT IS A BELIEF from the 14th second onwards. 

Woman: I have a question about the transcendence procedure I guess, In the last personally I have changed incredibly.

Bashar: Congratulations! You’re actually changing all the time, what you’re actually saying is you’ve become aware of the fact 

that you’re changing all the time.

W: Yes, and I have a lot more communication with my spirit guides and lately even you which has shocked me.

B: Well in a sense, our vibration is always radiated out for different individuals to pick up on in a variety of ways but sometimes you will pick up our particular domain or frequency realm and you may even sometimes pick up on other individuals in my society which you may think is actually me but it doesn’t necessarily have to be me, it’s just that you are getting a familiarity with our vibration and you may think it’s the same individual just because of the familiar vibration. But of course what you’re tapping into is your own Higher Mind.

W: whispers My own higher mind? 

Bashar: YES! Remember. You are talking to your own Higher Mind right now. It’s just that, we are happy to function as a mask, as a filter, in a sense as a flavour for you to let it be alright to talk to your own Higher Mind through us. But you’re actually speaking with your own Higher Mind right now.

W: Yes, I actually had this experience last night, I realised that I was talking to my Higher Self.

B: Yes, well there you go. Well you still are. 

W: Ok the problem that I’m here to ask you about …

B: Problem? You mean a challenge?

W: Oh yeah. A BIG challenge .

B: Alright a big challenge but it doesn’t mean it has to be defined as a problem. That’s what we’re saying.

W: Well, it’s a struggle.

B: That’s alright, it doesn’t have to be.

W: I wish I could choose it not to be. 

B: You can choose it not to be.

W: It’s easier said then done.


W: Ok?! Can I just ask my question now?

Audience laughing.

B: Yes you can.

W: I’m just wondering if you can think back to when your…. your what, your people or your species went through this change that we’re going through how you lived your life at the same time? I’m finding a lot of pain involved in letting go of old concepts.

B: The only reason you would have pain in letting go of all concepts is you don’t believe you need to let them go, you believe they are serving you still. Remember, you hold on to NOTHING, NOTHING that you don’t actually believe is somehow serving you. No matter how painful they may be to hold on to. What you’re actually saying is the alternative is worse.

W: How do I get to the bottom of how it’s serving me. 

B: Very good question, and here’s how you can do it at least one way. The idea is to understand what we’ve called ‘The Motivational Mechanism’….

Again please understand, this is automatic for everyone. There is absolutely nothing you need to do to make this work, it’s already working. You just have to allow yourself to understand how it works, so that you can use it in the way that you prefer to instead of using the mechanism in the way you don’t prefer.

You follow me so far?

W: Yes.

B: Alright. ‘The Motivational Mechanism’ is simply this, and I mean there are no exceptions to this. Not even you. You follow me? 

W: Yes.

B: Alright. You will always immediately automatically move into the direction of what you believe to be in your best interest.

YOU WILL ALWAYS immediately and automatically move away from what you believe IS NOT in your best interest. Knowing that, that should tell you something. If you’re holding unto something that you know intellectually is not in your best interest and you understand The Motivational Mechanism to describe the only way that that could stick around is if you have defined in ‘The Motivational Mechanism’ as actually being in your best interest more than the alternative. 

Or Vice Versa. You have defined the thing that you say you prefer as actually somehow being more scary, more fearful than the thing you don’t prefer, and so you’re SO afraid of the thing you DO prefer for some reason based on a belief your holding unto that you’re willing to put up with the pain and struggle of the thing you don’t prefer just because it is more familiar. Just because it feels safer because you’re so much more scared of the thing you don’t know about. 

Does this make some sense?

W: Oh yes. I’ve heard this many times from you …

B: But it’s not sinking in!

W: I can’t figure it out, how do I move forward? I want to move forward so bad. 

B: Well you have to find out what it is you’re holding unto. Have you heard us give the example of the idea how people of your planet were raised with different definitions of money?

W: Yes.

B: Can you apply that idea to yourself at all? About the contradictory beliefs that you are raised with? That create conflict within you? Until such time until you actually, consciously identify those beliefs? Because only by consciously identifying them can you let them go.

If you don’t know what they are, you have nothing to work with. 

W: I know what my beliefs are, I feel like I’m swimming upstream 

B: I don’t care what you feel like. I understand what you feel like, but again remember the feeling only comes because you believe something to be true. You can’t have a feeling without believing something to be true first. So if you have a feeling you’re swimming upstream, you have got to be defining something in your life in THAT way. 

You yourself said it a moment ago, “easier said than done.” These are just belief systems, they are not empirical truths. There is absolutely nothing about the phrase: “It is easier said than done” that is an absolute law of creation. It is You that has given it solidity by believing in that idea. You’re the one giving it form, you’re the one giving it shape, for some reason.

Find out what the reason is why you are buying into those kinds of limiting ideas that produce struggle, strife, pain. Remember pain is resistance to the natural self. So what is it about being your true natural self, what is it about the thing you prefer to be that is so much scarier than what you’re already holding unto that you don’t prefer?

What would be the worst, most terrifying thing you could imagine could happen if you actually let go of all of these fears and negative definitions and actually allowed yourself to be who’d you prefer to be. What would be the scariest thing that you imagine might happen if you did that?

W: I wouldn’t know who I am anymore. I guess.

B: Alright very good. Now why would you assume that to be true? 

W: Because I define myself from my experiences and all the people around me and if I move on to a whole different belief system I will kind of be out there by myself. 

B: Well may I ask you a question? Haven’t you ever moved from one belief system to another ever in your life?

W: Yes.

B: Well was that a problem for you?

W: Well it was, but then when I got there it was ok. So what makes you think it is not going to be ok again?

B: How many examples of doing that do you need before you get the point that it is always ok, how many times do you need to give yourself that symbol, that reflection before you know that it will actually always be ok? How many times? It is up to you, I’m not pushing you. How many times have you already done it?

W:Innumerable and it has been very painful so maybe I’m getting from you if I just kinda let go a bit the thing will kind of go away too?

BASHAR : It will not KIND of go away, it won’t exist in the reality of the person that you actually prefer to be.

Because by definition that person doesn’t experience pain and struggle and resistance.

You see, you have to watch your definitions. You have a definition that says if I become who I prefer to be there is something about that that is going to be painful, but if you actually listen to what you just said, you would realise that that’s non sensical.

How wold becoming who you prefer to be contain a definition of being something which is not what you prefer? You understand?

W: Yes.

B: Your definitions are muddled. THAT’S where you’re having the difficulty. You’re not listening to the definitions that you’re actually using. Do define who it is you prefer. You’re creating your own contradictory definitions about who that person is. IF that really is the you that you prefer to be it cannot, IT CANNOT by definition contain the elements of negativity that you’re describing, otherwise it can’t be that you.

It wouldn’t be that you, it would make no sense.

So what your defining is someone that isn’t who you prefer to be. But when you define clearly who it is you do prefer to be and you allow yourself to be that person it will not contain anything that is irrelevant for that particular person.

Does that make sense?

W: hesitant; Yes. 

B: But?

W: I guess I’m living in a duality.

B: You’re actually living in a trinity but we won’t go into that now [ add by me; the Trinity Bashar is talking about means that the middle point is part of the opposites making it a trinity. The poin of paradox is the best place to be, because you can see the both options / vocal points from that point and choose your preferred state ]

W: When I meditate and I’m all into doing all the things that are giving me the most joy and everything is wonderful and then I have to come back to real life …

B: Oh … so you’re defining real life as negative? 

W: And I can’t, I don’t want to live in that other world emotionally.

B: Then Don’t!

W: How??

B: Again; when you say “REAL LIFE”?

W: Which means going to work and all that.

B: So what? Does that just mean that you’re not doing what you love to do?

W: No, I like it but it’s so different, it has a different feel to it you know?

B: THEN YOU’RE NOT doing what you love to do.

W: I’m really happy that I go to work, I like my job but I just feel so unhappy


W: Ok, I used to really love it. But then ok.

B: Is there something else that you’d rather be doing? 

W: I’d like to be retired yes. And then pursue this kind of life all the time where I’m just happy.

B: Well, why not do that? 

W: That’s the hard part I guess ok.

B: Why are you saying that’s hard? You’re the one making it harder.

W: Yeah you’re right.

B: There is nothing emperically true that what it is you prefer to do has to be hard in the way that you mean it. Yes of course there will always be some challenge, yes of course you might actually have to take some action, and do things. But if it’s truly a labour of love it won’t feel like a labour. 

It will be a joy. Are you picking up on this? 

W: Very much so and I just got a… do you understand …

B: When you say; Very much so, unless you actually exhibit the behaviour that goes along with it, it’s not very much so. Remember: ACTION and KNOWING are synonymous. So if you’re not actually acting like it, you don’t know it yet.

Do you have a small object? Coin, pen, anything at all that you can put in your hand, a piece of jewellery? 

W: Yes I have one now.

B: Put it on the floor. Did you do it?

W: Yes.

B: Pick it up. Did you do it?

W: Yes.


What you know you can do you just do, you don’t think about it, you didn’t go; “I believe I can do it, I think I can do it, pick it up, I’m not sure might be hard to bend over and pick that up. Not necessarily as easy as it sounds perhaps. Oh let me think about all the different things that could happen between here and picking it up.” 

You didn’t do any of that. You just picked it up. Because you innately knew in every fibre of your being that you could! Action and knowing are synonymous. So when you say; “Oh I get it.” But you’re not doing it…. You don’t get it! You don’t know it yet. So when you act like you know it, you will know it. And when you know it, you will act like you know it. 

Is this making some sense? 

W: Perfect and I totally understand it, can I just say…

B: Do you?

W: One more thing. I do, but moving away from all the people I work with, my family, all my friends…

B: So what, So what, So what,  So what?

W: And was that easy for you to do when you had to do it?

B: I never had to do it.

W: But your kind went through this progression right? Not as much as your society no. 

W: Ah, ok.

B: But we understand the concept and have incarnations in realties, such as yours that do go through those things which is what gives us the understanding of those concepts. Otherwise it would be to alien to us. Nevertheless the idea is, that when we allow ourselves to know that everything is neutral and doesn’t have built in meaning and we supply the meaning that we prefer we always get the effect that we prefer regardless of what is going on around us. So when we know that the things and opportunities that are presented to us in our lives are always there. Always! Without exception there for us to put a positive meaning into it and get a positive effect out of because that is our choice then we know that that’s all we will experience, and therefor what hesitation would we ever have to move forward when we know that everything we will ever do no matter how challenging will always only be experienced in a positive and joyful way because that is our choice 

W: And even this day, I mean I knew I wasn’t going to come here I mean I woke up and said to myself; I have to go see Bashar because I’m going to get called, I’m going to get this opportunity and I…..

B: Well there you go.

W: I was like, I wasn’t even surprised but no-one who I know would understand that way of thinking. 

B: pointing at the audience Do you understand this way of thinking? 

Audience claps and cheers. 


W: Lol. I see everyone suffering around me and I can’t help …


W: Just let them …

BASHAR: You understand this very importantly; BY STAYING IN YOUR FEAR YOU’RE NOT HELPING THEM. BY MOVING INTO YOUR JOY IS THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN HELP THEM. Because you’re giving them an example to let them know they could choose to live in their joy too. But if you don’t live in your joy you never give them the chance to see it can be done.

W: Thank you. That really helps me. 

B: Thank you.

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