Years ago, when I was fresh out of Australia, high as a kite on my new way of doing life I had seen THE SECRET on repeat and I decided to put it to the test. Every morning during my morning run I would affirm the amount I wanted to manifest – which was 12k at that time – and I would feel high on running, and generally happy. Within 2 weeks I made the manifestation happen.

And I always come back to it because I am able to unpack more and more things about it over time. On my walk today, on “the Hill” in Hawkes Bay New Zealand it came to me, of course! It was the breath.

Think about it, we are in physical form because we breathe. When you stop breathing, you are not in physical reality anymore. Breathing also has the power to make you feel either really good, or not so great.

Pay attention to your breath when you don’t feel well, you more then likely hadn’t noticed that you had started to breath shallow, high up in your chest and therefor not nourishing your body and your cells which probably led to thinking crappy thoughts and there you go, a whole plethora of unfavourable things which started with …. your breath I’m sure.

I know that you know that every time you have done some form of exercise you feel really good in your body. And with any form of exercise your breathing becomes more intense and you’re nourishing your cells, your body, your earthly being.

Which brings me to the goal of this post; Use Your Breath to Breathe Life into your Desires. You are very well equipped to figure something out for yourself too, and until you figured it out what works best for the unique version of life expression that you are I have this tip for you;

Every time you have a desire I would say only focus on one at a time as to not overwhelm yourself and if you’re a bit like me I know it’s kinda hard choosing, but pick one anyway ;-D

Then do some time of exercise that is easy to do and makes you feel really good; I would say a brisk walk, a jog and or a hill -walk/run are all perfect for it.

It should feel great, so also take your favourite music with you, walk straight, head high and proud and go for it. Think of your desire and keep repeating it, also give thanks as if it’s already so and get excited about it.

I was really excited about that manifestation at that time, even before it was there I was already enjoying it greatly.

I would love to hear from you when you do it and have had a success with it, any questions are also welcome;

With So Much love,


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