Hey everyone, if this is manifesting [or how it is actually better described; Conscious Creation ] game is new to you, then you might not understand the following, and this is the single most important thing you need to know;

When you focus on the absence of something, you will see more absence. It cannot be any different, life is a mirror reflection. I will give you a short q&a of how I used to react, and how I see many others react. And note that I use the word react and not the word; respond…

Q: Yeah but, I have been doing the work for SO LONG! Where is my freakin manifestation?

A: If you do the work to get something, you’re missing the point. The Universe, your Inner Self, your Fairy Godmother, however you think the manifestation will come about hears only the intention.

Q: Yes but the intention is to manifest something different because where I am now sucks !

A: Yes, and what is the manifestation behind this desire? LACK and FRUSTRATION. So what do you get as a reflection? More Lack and More Frustration.

Q: Are you kidding me? How then?!

A: I wish I was kidding, it kept me frustrated and stuck for a long long time too. Or at least that’s how I used to judge it at the time. The how is this; Be ok with where you are. Because where you are has a message for you, otherwise you would not experience it. When you can appreciate where you are, you stop pushing against it and something different can now come into your life. You compare this to a cup filled with water to the brim. If you are full of judgement and anger and frustration and of repeating how what you are seeing is not what you want] nothing can come in, there is simply no space.

So first of all calm down, and go to: Ok, I have no idea how and why I created this, but I did and even though I would like to see something different I will do my best to get the gift from this.

At that moment you start to loosen the grip and when you have loosened the grip you can start to feel better, and as soon as you feel better the things that you say you want to have/experience can come in because now; YOU ARE ON THE FREQUENCY OF WHERE THESE THINGS ARE.

Before you were on the frequency of: WTF, WHY IS IT NOT HERE.

Q: Holy eff, is it really that simple?

A: Yep.

To end this potentially life-changing post for you consider this too, and I have realised this many times and have worked with it ever since; You can only receive what you are willing to allow in. When you have been used to creating difficult housing situations, which has been my reality – or better yet a reality of a different version of me – for a couple of years, then it means that you have to be even more aware of your vibrations around this topic.

I’m in New Zealand and I’ve only created the BEST housing experiences so far in terms of location, people living in the house, the fun, the love, the generosity, etc. with at this moment living in a beautiful with the funniest host, who showers me with gifts and let’s me use her Mini Cooper when she doesn’t need it. She has two cars.

I always wanted to have a Mini, and I don’t care if it’s mine or not, as long as I can use it. And I can now. How cool is that. The house is spacious, in the centre, with a beautiful garden, lots of space, it is super clean and light and there are 2 cats living in the house two. The kitchen is a dream AND it has a sun room.

And it took me a while to be able to let so much goodness in. And now I do AND I applaud myself for creating it, because that is what it is my friend; CREATION.

Ok, enough for now. IF you need me, you know how to reach me.

With SO much love,


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