Someone somewhere made up work, working for money.Working for a pension, for leave, for a new couch, kitchen utensils. A house here, maybe an extra house there. Work from 9 to 5 and about half an hour to an hour break in between. Sabbatical, sick leave, bonuses. etc.

Is this really what we came here to do? Is having a car, a house, maybe a boat, 2 holidays a year really what we came here to do? And more importantly is it what makes you happy? If the answer is yes then you can stop reading.

If the answer is fuck no then keep reading. If we’re not supposed to work hard in a job that we could care less doing then what the hell are we supposed to do with our life, our time, our education? And should we all give up on our jobs? Not necessarily, but we could.

From My Perspective

So from my perspective, the following things are important;

Feeling Joyful, Free and that we matter,

Focus on our own personal lives, leaving others for what they are and certainly don’t focus on making anybody else happy and proud but ourselves,

– Spend lots of time in nature,

-As little time as possible indoors and in fake light,

-As little time as possible on our phones and behind our computers,

-Lots of time with our bodies and our minds in meditation and in dance,

-Nourish our phyhsical vessels and minds with things that make us feel good, great, amazing, pushing the limits of what we think is possible for us.

-Feel Good, however this looks for any of us,

Our Real Job

Our Real Job is to love, to live, to expand, to grow and to share the hows with others. To kiss and have amazing sex. To get to know ourselves and then go be THAT as good as we can. 

If after reading this you are convinced that you want to work less, or start a different vocation then go for it! If you are gutsier than I was at the time you can also quit immediately without working less or looking for something different to do. Because you are taken care of by a higher power, that is one thing I know beyond knowing.

The key word here is TRUST. And if you ask me that is actually where there is lots to gain. In us trusting ourselves. in us trusting int that what breathes us and in us trusting each other.

When you are in the last moments of your life, I bet you won’t regret having less titles in your name, or job promotions on your linked-in, likes on your Instagram and Facebook posts.

What Truly Matters

What will matter is how much fun you had. How well you listened to yourself and had the guts to take chances. The What If feeling is the worst feeling ever. And that is what will count those final moments of your life.

If you feel like you want to change your life, but you have no idea how then check out my program and get in touch with me.

And. Just so you know. You don’t need me, it might be nice to have some guidance from someone that eats ‘What-Ifs’ for breakfast though.

See you in the next.

With Much love,

Victoria – Monique 

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