What is the correlation between these to seemingly unrelated things? Sugar affects how you feel, how you feel determines how you think, how you think results in how you act, and your actions create …. Your Life Experience.

So that’s how.

The time I have to myself, to dive deeper and deeper within made me realise this. It began simply because I was fed up with my fat ass. Which isn’t really a super fat ass, but too fat to my liking. And I know the difference between how I can be and how I’m choosing to be know.

The way to Rome that I chose this time is cleaning up my diet. And which ever one you chose is up to you, I know that this is part of my purpose somehow because it keeps coming back in different ways through different angles, no matter how far along I am in my personal growth journey.

You can choose whatever you want to do, of course, I know that some of you rather do it the mental way, and don’t want to put in physical effort. And that might work for you. I haver realised that I tick differently. I like challenges, I literally feel alive when I have to struggle through a physical discomfort. And this is freakin’ uncomfortable my friends.

I also know that everything happens for me, so the fact that I grew in this version of me again, physically is a message. But I’m repeating myself.

For the first time I took before pictures that I will continue to take once a week until I feel that I’m satisfied with the transformation. I’ m not sure about your favourite pastime, one of mine is for sure body transformations. And there are not examples of what I want. There are millions of examples of people dropping 899 pounds to 111 but no many that just have to drop 9ish pounds. And actually I’m not even sure what the amount would be, I only know how it looks and how it feels because I’ve been there.

To finish this post for now. If you’re also fed up with your own fat ass then determine what you are willing to do about it. My whole game is being the best version of me. To me that means I am in control of my needs and wants, not my addiction to dopamine = sugary and floury foods, and stimulating drinks like coffee.

What have I noticed so far? I dance in the middle of the street while I have my head phones on and am listening to a wonderful song. Before I would do it and feel kind of sort of weird, now I don’t give an eff. This is related, I’m not exactly sure how yet. One more thing, in addition to no sugar – or actually weening of off sugar, I will fill you in on this later if you’re interested – I also do OMAD, which defines as One Meal A Day. I do it a bit different than the rest of the world though, because the original form doesn’t suit me personally.

About the dancing on the streets and not giving a fuck …. I guess it is because sugar feeds anxiety and it feeds docility [is that a word] as soon as I know I’ll share more. By the way, something else you should know, I defined as a person that was highly addictive meaning I could never have just 1 cigarette, I smoked until I felt sick. I could never have just one wine, I drank until the bottle was empty or I was really drunk.

Just to set the frame.

My Why in a nutshell; I’m done with my fat ass, I’m done with being addicted to food, I am stepping into the future me that is nudging me towards her through this and I heard the call loud and clear.

Alright, that’s it or now. I might see you in the next. Sending much love,

Victoria – Monique

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