Heemstede, The Netherlands, 31st July 2023


Recently I had a pretty profound dream and in the dream I said to myself something like “You never have to worry about money again”, or it was “I will never worry about money again”. I remember feeling happy and elated, wonderful and grateful. Then I realised in the dream, that the reason why I said this to myself and the reason why I finally understood this truth with a big and a loud T, is because I understood that there is ever only NOW.

Ever since that moment my life has gotten even more flowy and relaxed. It was already pretty cruis-y that’s how I created it myself and I have gotten to a whole different level of cruis-yness.

What else has happened is that I got wind of a course I felt I HAVE to do but it was 7.000 Dollars. And while I can pay this, so much for a course does not feel good to me yet. If it would be in the Bahama’s including hotel and a 3 week surfing and Yoga retreat in the mix I would still have to think of it, let alone without travel.

A couple of days later the course gets discounted to 2K! So obviously I’m in. Hey and as a side note, if you feel that it is a scam or think this was her deal all along I get that you would think that. It is not my train of thought, I trust that I always guide myself to the perfect things, and I do. What I thought was actually; Wauw, what a perfect co-creation. And now, it gets even better, someone else will pay this course for me, so I will get it as a gift! This is SO cool and so deserved. I mean, come on I have been grid working my ass off the last couple of months consciously and before that unconsciously. So it is not weird that I get rewarded for that.

Because of an introduction call on this course, that will start the 14th of August I learn about this new – old – metaphysical teacher that has amazing talks on money and cash and makes a distinction between the two which makes me understand it on an even deeper level now.

How can it get even better than this. The question might be how come this is all finding me and my answer is; Vibration. That’s all there is to it. My vibe makes me a match to these teachings, this course. These new [old] people and getting gifted the course of my current dreams.

And there is something else pretty special that happened very recently.

I would have crappy dreams, and since it’s my new hobby to work with my dreams I wasn’t too happy about it and I decided that I was done with having crappy dreams. I would be me but a worse version of me in my dreams that would have experiences I don’t wish for myself.

From that day onward I not only have much nicer dreams. I also dreamt about a guy that was into me with an Amsterdam accent, he was really cute and since I’m in between relationships at the moment I loved my dream.

The day after I meet a guy from Amsterdam that is the guy from my dream. We are talking, not dating yet, and we have expressed interest for each other.

Another day I dream about this cute little dog that my parents think about adopting. I meet this exact same dog the day after in a completely different context and guess what, she has the name of my over the rainbow cat.

How does it get even better than this?

Back to the money thing. Back to any thing really. It is not hard at all. It is about understanding that we are telling ourselves the wrong stories and because of these stories we mess up our vibration and this vibration is the key to everything in our life-experience.

Of course I will share more with you in the near future. If you want to to have personal assistance, you know how to reach me; monique@moniquebjagroe.com

Now before I leave you, knoop dit in je oren [ a Dutch expression Google it];

“When you say you have enough cash you will have enough cash, when you say you don’t have enough cash the Universe will prove you right.”

Frank Butterfield

With SO much love,


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